Elaine Beckwith Gallery

Nancy Tips

Tips Courtland Apples

"Cortland Apples"
Oil on Panel
6 x 8 inches (framed 12 x 14)

"I am one of a growing cadre of painters who have chosen to train with individual artists rather than to attend art school. My paintings reflect my connection to Philadelphia School painters and particularly to Patrick Connors, a noted Philadelphia painter. Of special interest to me is the depiction of airy space, using still life as my subject matter. I pay close attention to chiaroscuro, with careful modeling of form and placement of light and shadow. I am also interested in brush response and in the "mystery of surface" that is responsible in large part for the viewer's first impression of a painting.

The flowers in my paintings grow casually in my mountain garden. No wrapping has ever touched them and I take delight in their undisciplined behavior in whatever container I place them." Nancy Tips