Elaine Beckwith Gallery

Frank Federico

Saxomatic cover

Frank Federico
Oil on Masonite
57 x 45 inches

Frank Federico is a colorist and contemporary impressionist. With a technique that varies with mood and empathy, he seeks the essence of his subject – whether landscape or figure - while applying emotional and aesthetically crafted content. Federico's paintings are packed with the raw energy and enthusiasm of the artist, whose brush seems to dance across the surface of each painting.

Federico is a native of New Orleans. He began his art career as a youth, setting up exhibitions on city street corners to sell his paintings of vibrant Louisiana bayou landscapes and sketches of jazz musicians who played the clubs along Bourbon Street.

Federico's work has been exhibited at the Brockton (MA) Museum of Art, the National Gallery in Tokyo, and in many galleries in the US and abroad. He is a signature member of Pastel Society of America and the National Watercolor Society and is highly regarded as a teacher and workshop leader.