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Joel Beckwith Something of Interest

Joel Beckwith
“Something of Interest”
Hand Colored Etching, edition of 100
6 x 8 inches (framed to 13 x 14)
$245.  (all prices include framing)

JOEL BECKWITH was born in 1949 in Boston, Massachusetts and was graduated cum laude in Art in 1971 from Bowdoin College where he studied drawing with Thomas Cornell. His professional career has been distinguished by the inclusion of his work in many national exhibitions including the Smithsonian Institution's traveling exhibition "American Drawings III", The Society of American Graphic Artists, The Boston Printmakers National Exhibition and the Miami International Print Biennial.Beckwith's work is part of numerous public collections including the Philadelphia Museum, the Birmingham (AL) Museum of Art, New York University Medical School, National Institutes of Health and the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

In discussing his work, Beckwith states: "My early training provided a solid foundation in perceptual drawing and printmaking. My subject matter has always been figurative, with a principle focus on the pathos and foibles of the human character. These are all characters of my own creation, allowing them to become “everyman”: representatives of humankind who are approachable, humorous and empathetic. They are recognized as grandfathers and uncles, teachers or the man on the street, engaging the viewer with narrative content and the possibility of visual dialogue."

All of these fine etchings are hand-printed by the artist are limited to editions of 100 impressions; watercolor, acrylic and sometimes gold leaf are added later to complete the individual image.