Elaine Beckwith Gallery

R.A. Clark, Lithographs (Estate)

R.A. Clark Survivors IR.A. Clark
"Survivors I: The Bench"
Lithograph, edition of 100
11 x 15 (image size)

Just after college, while working in Boston’s Financial District, I frequented a gallery with a particularly fine print collection. It was here that I discovered the lithographs of R.A. Clark. It was my great honor several years later to meet the artist and to represent his fine work.

Richard A. Clark was born in Milwaukee in 1922. After a three-year interruption during World War II, he was graduated from Syracuse University in 1948 and received his MFA from Syracuse in 1949. He taught art at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio until 1959. After a year of extensive travel in Europe, Clark and his family settled in rural Vermont where he was able to focus his energy on painting and drawing. Dick never liked to talk about his background or his work; he relied on his images to make their own statement. He was a humanist and believed in the dignity, the joy and the pathos of the human character. This was the basis for his life's work.

The Gallery represents the Estate of R.A. Clark.