Elaine Beckwith Gallery

Grant Silverstein, Etchings

 Devil and the sleeping messenger

Born in 1953, Grant Silverstein is a self-taught artist presently living in Pennsylvania. His specialization is in the media of intaglio etchings, and he has developed a reputation as a figurative printmaker.

He has been etching since 1980 and has exhibited widely in North America. His etching style is realistic and influenced by mythology and common daily events and dreams. Grant's method is traditional etching on zinc or copper plates, drawn with a needle, etched in an acid bath, printed by hand in editions of 100

In his exquisitely rendered etchings, Grant Silverstein creates images that are unsettling, darkly humorous, alagorical and apocryphal stories of our time.  The narrative quality of his work challenges the viewer to meet him and join a quiet conversation. 

"devil and the sleeping messenger" is a beautiful example of the richly enigmatic narrative employed by the artist.  Is the sleeping messenger under the devil's spell, or has he been careless?  What is he carrying and where is he going?  No answers, only speculation.   

Grant has been represented by the gallery since 1993.